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  • AT&T, Sprint, Verizon to Stop Sharing Customer Location Data With Third Parties Tue, 19 Jun 2018 18:03:44 +0000
    In the wake of a scandal involving third-party companies leaking or selling precise, real-time location data on virtually all Americans who own a mobile phone, the four major wireless carriers have responded to requests from a U.S. senator for more details about how the carriers are managing access to this extremely sensitive information. While three out of four providers said they had cancelled data sharing agreements with some of the offending companies, only one -- Verizon -- pledged to terminate all of them and initiate a wholesale review of their location data-sharing practices.
  • Google to Fix Location Data Leak in Google Home, Chromecast Mon, 18 Jun 2018 14:04:14 +0000
    Google in the coming weeks is expected to fix a location privacy leak in two of its most popular consumer products. New research shows that Web sites can run a simple script in the background that collects precise location data on people who have a Google Home or Chromecast device installed anywhere on their local network.
  • Librarian Sues Equifax Over 2017 Data Breach, Wins $600 Wed, 13 Jun 2018 20:14:40 +0000
    In the days following revelations last September that big-three consumer credit bureau Equifax had been hacked and relieved of personal data on nearly 150 million people, many Americans no doubt felt resigned and powerless to control their information. But not Jessamyn West. The 49-year-old librarian from a tiny town in Vermont took Equifax to court. And now she's celebrating a small but symbolic victory after a small claims court awarded her $600 in damages stemming from the 2017 breach.

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